Dread: First Reading

First things first: as of now I haven’t actually played Dread. I played a really interesting hack of it a while back, but as far as Dread out-of-the-box I haven’t played it yet. I just recently read the rulebook and I thought it would be an interesting exercise to note down some thoughts I have just from reading the book and then, hopefully, I’ll get a chance to run or play it at some point and I can compare that experience with what I post here. Continue reading



At GenCon this year I finally had the chance to play Fiasco (I talked a little about that in a GenCon Debrief post).

It was pretty much love at first site and I immediately ran off to buy the game as well as the companion. I finally got around to reading them a couple weeks ago. And, more importantly, played a session of Fiasco shortly after that.

NOTE: The Fiasco Companion is currently my favorite RPG supplement ever. There’s really nothing new mechanically. It has some new Fiasco playsets and a handful of proposed hacks. More importantly are the pages and pages of play advice, not only from the game designers, but from other game designers and players. The best part is huge chunks of the advice pretty much exists in a vacuum. So much of what’s said can be taken away from Fiasco and applied to any other game. A lot of the advice will seem familiar to anyone that’s ever done improv or read up on it, but it’s still incredibly useful information and will positively impact pretty much every other game you play.

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