Murderous Ghosts

Vincent Baker (creator of In A Wicked Age, Dogs in the Vineyard to name a couple) just released a new game, Murderous Ghosts (currently in pre-order phase). I was fortunate enough to get to playtest the game along with 205 other people.

In the span of a couple weeks I was able to play through the game 4 times. Although thanks to busy lives and such I didn’t actually get to play it in person. I played 3 play-by-email games (two where I was the GM, one where I was the player) and I ran one game over Google+ with Hangout.

I’ll start off by saying I’m not normally a big fan of horror. I don’t so much dislike it as generally there’s plenty of other options that appeal to me. But, I’m a big fan of Vincent’s games and I’m always up to playtest something new. I was especially interested since it’s a game for just two players and is designed to be played in a short amount of time (20-60 minutes). Continue reading