Burning Apocalypse Con (11-11-11) Highlights

This past weekend I was in Manhattan for Burning Apocalypse Con (11-11-11) following up last year’s Burning Con (10-10-10). Two full days of gaming (3 slots Saturday, 2 slots Sunday) with a party to kick things off Friday night and a party to wind down with Sunday night. Luke Crane (of Burning Wheel, Burning Empires, & Mouse Guard) & Vincent Baker (of Dogs in the Vineyard, In A Wicked Age, & Apocalypse World) teamed up this year to put on the con.

I played in one game of Burning Wheel, a game of Dogs in the Vineyard, ran a game of FreeMarket and ended things off with two sessions of Apocalypse World. A really fantastic time was had. Instead of going through excruciating detail and rambling for pages, I’ll just go over some highlights.

Gaming (and non-gaming) highlights of the weekend:

Exploring a bit of NYC with friends I haven’t seen in a while along with people I’d never met before.

Getting to see The Compleat Strategist (game store) that I always hear locals talk about.

Catching up with even more people and meeting more people at the Friday kick-off party.

Helping to start a riot in medieval Italy that ended up getting out of control (imagine that).

Getting the drop on an enemy of the family with my assassin-turned-doctor.

Having an epic 4 on 6 fight in Burning Wheel, getting a handle on the new Fight! rules, and winning!

Having a shotgun wedding for 2 widowed neighbors, including banishing a demon of lust from one of them in the process.

Having a conversation with a stranger on the streets of NYC that wanted to take a picture of me and my friend because I’m from the Kansas side of KC, he’s from the Missouri side, I’m white, he’s black. This made the dude super excited for some reason. He was also promoting some strip show or something.

Seeing a character in FreeMarket take the memory from another character and push it into an NPC because the NPC wanted something the PC had taken. NPC now has memory of taking said item. NPC no longer a problem.

Having FreeMarket game mentioned above go so well that one player that had never played the game before went and bought a copy of it. Success!

Playing a Faceless in Apocalypse World and having really creepy conversations with my mask, which spoke with the voice of my dead mother, whom I had murdered.

Playing that same Faceless, whipping a mob into a Frenzy, and leading them into a brawl after smashing through the front doors of the Hold (from the inside, out into the angry hordes).

“Madness worms” in the Apocalypse World game that spontaneously burst from bodies when they die and consume the body and never stop growing as long as they eat. They also cause you to go insane over time if you eat them. And they’re addictive. And food is otherwise really scarce. My Faceless in that game was a worm eater. I REGRET NOTHING.

Eating delicious food from street vendors.

Seeing part of the Veteran’s Day parade on 11-11-11 when we were wandering New York.

Being slightly annoyed at said parade, because those were some sloppy, sloppy ranks marching past (having been enlisted, I’m allowed to say this).

Staying in Chinatown, which is apparently home to lighting store Mecca. There were 2 or 3 blocks of nothing but lighting stores on both sides of the street. A couple blocks after that was restaurant supply stores.

After playing two games of Apocalypse World (making for 3 total), feeling nearly brave enough to try running it sometime.

Having conversations about gaming while walking down the street. I can only imagine what people that overheard us must have thought about our conversations.

For other cool things, see here. Note: first interview is about the FreeMarket game I ran. Also, yours truly @3:25 talking about the AW game with the Faceless I mentioned above.


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