I recently got my hands on a couple games I’ve been meaning to buy for a while: InSpectres, & Lacuna Part I, both from designer Jared Sorensen. I got to play a session of InSpectres at GenCon this year (I posted about it here). I’ll start with InSpectres. It’s definitely the easier of the two to talk about.

If I were going to describe InSpectres as succinctly as possible it would be: corporate Ghostbusters RPG. That tells you about 80% of what you need to know about the game. The idea is that supernatural stuff happens and InSpectres is a corporation that has come about to deal with such phenomena and people are founding InSpectres franchises all over. So, imagine Ghostbusters with a bit of Office Space mixed in for all of that hair-pulling corporate bullshit.

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Dwarves in Eden – A Midnight Kidnapping

My gaming group has started a new Burning Wheel (Gold) campaign. It feels good to be out of the GM’s seat. I’ve been mostly running since around February.

Anyhow, the setup we came up with is that the PCs are all dwarves from a formally very powerful hold. The clan wasn’t well liked, but even together the other clans couldn’t oust us. Eventually they got the help of some elves and the entire clan was forced to retreat into deeper tunnels. About 100 dwarfs survived the journey — that we know of, we were cut off from the Prince’s party and they’re assumed dead. The tunnels are collapsed and flooded behind us, so the only way to go is forward. We find ourselves in a dense jungle. In the distance we see the top of a volcano, belching up smoke.

In play we’ll discover this is a cradle of life sort of area and it’s still inhabited by men — tribal, with spirit binding. There are also ancient dwarven ruins scattered around and huge golem/automoton sort of things called Collossi that were probably built by dwarves in the ancient past.

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