Dwarves in Eden – Securing the Forge

Unfortunately we had to skip a week of Burning Wheel. We showed up last week and there was some confusion about where someone’s character sheet was. So, instead of leaving someone out or just making up numbers I ran some InSpectres instead. Went well, but I definitely need some more practice with it.

Anyhow, this week shows the return of Bozkar the gambler. The player’s missed a couple sessions and he was playing catch up. We know from a couple sessions ago that Bozkar’s relationship, Devlin, was being blamed for the theft of valuables from Kilgen’s cart. The theft that Flint actually performed. Continue reading


Dwarves in Eden – Into the Mines

Two weeks in a row, we’re going strong! This week again we have Flint and Kardin as well as a new character, Ilsa, who’s part matronly healer, part shepherd (she’s also Flint & Arak’s aunt).

Back at Camp

Rewinding a day, Captain Arak comes to wake up Ilsa. He wants her help looking after Halel. The host’s Khirurgeon (Khirurgy is a Dwarven doctoring skill and covers quite a bit of ground), Tigh, is looking after her, but Arak is worried that Halel is poisoned and Tigh isn’t really treating her properly. Ilsa agrees to check things out. She goes to the medical tent where Halel is being cared for. It looks like she’s being pretty well cared for, the bad laceration on her neck from the attempted strangling is still inflamed, but clean. Tigh is in the tent, reeking of alcohol. Tigh is reluctant (to put it lightly) to let anyone else take a look for Halel. “I’m the doctor! This is MY job!” Ilsa is able to keep him a bit distracted by talking about different things (she also learns that Arak apparently has a thing for Halel) and eventually gets a good look at the young girl. “Look here, do you see the color of her lips and the way her tongue is extended? She’s definitely been poisoned and the treatment is simple” (successful Khirurgy test). “Bah, we just need to keep this wound clean. She’s got a bit of a fever from infection, that’s all. Now get out of here! This is my patient and I’ll take care of her!” Continue reading

Dwarves in Eden – Into the Ziggurat

After a number of weeks of scheduling problems (holidays always tend to present this problem), finally enough of us were able meet up to play some Burning Wheel. Not all was lost as we broke out some old-school Heroquest one week, which was pretty fantastic. On to the game! The game picks up directly after the last session just after the crazed Urgo runs off into the forest.

The Stairs

Unable to sleep and knowing he can do nothing for Halel, Kardin decides to take a look at all the writings that are on the walls of the Great Stairs that lead out of the mountains. He barely gets into the entrance before he hears the distinct sound of hammer-on-chisel on rock. Fearing the worst he rushes in and sees a crazed-looking old dwarf with hammer and chisel raised to the wall. It’s obvious he’s trying to destroy the runes and writings on the wall. Without hesitating Kardin rushes forward to tackle the old dwarf. They both go tumbling down the stairs, but not before the dwarf’s chisel catches in the stone and pulls away a┬ásizable┬áchunk (tied Power vs. Speed). Kardin is on top of the dwarf, pinning him to the ground. He recognizes him as Fergus, head chronicler. Continue reading