Dwarves in Eden – Settling In

Just two PCs this week: Flint & Kardin, so jumping into things right after last session…

Investigating the Forge

The encounter with the strange creature that came out of the floor left the two Host dwarves and Fergus kind of shaken, so Bozkar went with them to escort them out of the ruins.

Meanwhile, Flint & Kardin are still curious about the forge. “There’s gotta be tools around here somewhere!” Kardin actually climbs into the forge sifting through ash and suet to find anything usable. As he’s crawling around he suddenly sees a small flame pop up from somewhere (failed Scavenging roll). Then it starts dancing around. Then it flares up right in front of him, singeing him pretty badly (a Superficial wound). Not to be discouraged he just keeps sifting through the layers of ash, now looking for some kind of nozzle or plumbing. “That flame must have come from somewhere!”. He finds nothing after a few minutes and eventually scrambles out in haste (failed Steel test after his third Supie).

“Only one other thing to try, right? We’ve got the key, let’s try and get this thing started.”

Flint starts getting ready to go in, “I’ve got the key and better armor, I’ll do this.”

“Use that shield, too. It might help protect you from the flame.” Continue reading