Dwarves in Eden – Deep in the Forest

After a week off we finally have Ilsa the matronly herder/healer in the game. Through e-mail we’d decided it would be cool if Ilsa was one of the 3 captured dwarves, so we start our story there!


Ilsa is in a small, cramped room with two other dwarves — scouts/foragers she’d been out with when they were ambushed by a party of these not-Elves.

A tall, thin man enters the room all decked out in a forest motif. He’s accompanied by a dwarf, but none of the three prisoners recognize him. The tall man addresses the dwarf, “So, what do we do with them?” He speaks in a kind of archaic dwarven, but it’s understandable. The dwarf points to the two male dwarves then at Ilsa, “take them first.” The dwarf calls the man Tareek and they leave. Continue reading


Dread: Actual Play

So, way back here, I’d just finished reading the Dread rpg. At the time I’d only played a single game of Dread and it was an Inception-based hack, which while pretty awesome was still a hack. I’ve been itching for a chance to play the actual game ever since.

Well, a few weeks back at The Walking Eye con I finally got a chance. Megan from The Jank Cast ran a session of Dread and I managed to get in on it.

Verdict: awesome. I’d love to go into some AP specifics, but it was a published scenario and Dread definitely benefits from not knowing things before going in. For those curious or those that have played, we did The Dead City scenario.

I’ll at least give the premise, but no more: the characters are all semi-strangers and wake up at the same time in a grocery store. Their last memory is of a blinding light and an otherworldly high-pitch wail. The game focuses on the characters exploring their environment and trying to find out what happened. Continue reading


As mentioned previously I got to play Monsterhearts (a hack of Apocalypse World) at The Walking Eye Con a couple weekends ago. It was my last game of the con and it went out with a bang. I really got more than I was expecting out of this game. So, Monstehearts is about teenage monsters, citing things like Buffy or Twilight (ugh) as inspiration. Hey, I’m a big Buffy fan, so this should be fun. I was kind of ‘meh’ about the whole teenage angst/love thing, but I was willing to give it a shot and I’m really glad I did!

I’ll probably assume some familiarity with Apocalypse World, but I’ll try not to throw too much jargon around. Continue reading