Dwarves in Eden – Putting Things in Motion

This session had a log of prep & ground-work getting laid for bigger things in the future. The next session should be pretty explosive (possibly literally).

Lighting the Forge

With the fire spirit taken care of by the human spirit-binders, the Dwarves have started moving back into the hold and cleaning up. They persevere.

The three spirit-binders, led by a human named Koru, have been given quarters in a room above ground in the ziggurat.

Kardin & Flint talk to them about what needs to be done to light the forge. Koru provides them with a list of materials they’ll need to bind a spirit of that power to the forge. Also, he requests access to the forge so that he can see the area and make a mental map of it. Flint & Kardin escort him down to the forge.

They find Fergus & Falur with their heads together near the forge. It’s obvious they’re trying to light the forge by conventional methods. Koru goes about his business examining the area while Flint & Kardin take Fergus aside.

“Listen. You know and I know that Falur will never get that forge lit using the usual methods. The only way to get any use out of this forge is going to bind a spirit to it like before and use this forge key.” Continue reading


Dwarves in Eden – The Return of Urgo

This sessions starts off right where the last one left off.

Finding Wind and Confronting the Coward

Flint & Kardin head away from the human camp to track down Wind. They only have a very vague idea of where to go and it’s¬†imperative¬†they find Wind before Urgo does. Using the knowledge he’s been gaining about spiders Kardin says “Well, Wind is ancient and huge from all we’ve been told. Then surely his home will be in the biggest tree in the area.” (successful BL Great Spider-Wise).

Following Kardin’s advice, Flint climbs the nearest tree to get his bearings and spots the boughs of a huge tree in the distance. They start making their way there, occasionally climbing another tree to keep their heading (successful BL Orienteering). Climbing one last tree to get his bearings, Flint suddenly comes face to face with a huge great spider, currently in the process of wrapping up some… food. Looks similar to the wild cats they’ve previously encountered.

“Come back again?”

“… huh?”

“Going to try cutting me again?”

“Ohh. I think there’s a mistake. I’ve never seen you before. I’m looking for Wind and trying to intercept another dwarf. Can we, uh, continue this down below?” Continue reading

Dwarves in Eden – Midnor’s Return

Jumping right in from where we left off last time…


Flint, Kardin, & Co get to the ziggurat to find chaos. Smoke is billowing up from the ruins, dwarves are rushing around and there look to be some triage stations set up. Flint manages to find a dwarf (failed Circles — the enmity clause will be invoked at some later point) and starts to get an idea of what happened. About three days ago something happened in the forge. This huge stone creature rose out of the ground and took the forge key, which released huge amounts of uncontrolled flame. Nothing could control the flames. Argus was scene, completely bald, talking to the stone creature, with Delana and two of Rutger’s now-orphans in tow. They walked off towards spider territory. Continue reading