Dwarves in Eden – Arachniregicide

We’ve been building up to this for a while. We all knew it was finally coming and the last couple sessions didn’t go quite as far as we were expecting. So, it took a while to get here, but it’s finally time to take on the spiders in this session!

The Lighting of the Forge

Finally after lots of hard work and trials the forge is ready to be re-lit. Koru, Sara, & Claire begin their ceremony. They draw strange symbols all around the hearth forge, even climbing in as part of the proceedings. After a lot of chanting and hand-waving the fire in the forge flares to life. The mood in the forge is suddenly very different, filled with excitement and wariness. Fergus stomps off in a huff, wanting no more to do with what’s going on.

Koru comes up to Flint and Karin, “It is done. The fire spirit is now bound forever to your forge. Now, please, we must rest.”

The humans are escorted back to their quarters while Flint & Kardin head off in search of the new forge master. Before leaving Kardin grabs a handful of forge stones, hoping to use them to carve runestones out of later.

They find Hrolf in the process of getting his quarters packed up. Flint and Kardin introduce themselves. He’s pretty intimidated at first — heroes of the hold and the son of Falur. It’s obvious he doesn’t have much confidence in himself (failed Circles).

Flint and Kardin offer to help get him moved into his new quarters closer to the forge. Along the way Kardin notices that in his arms is a very well-made set of smithing tools. It’s not fair for this upstart forge master to have such nice things, so when no one is looking he takes a moment to place them in amongst some crates in the hallway (failed Steel test for Greed, with I Must Have It invoked).

Along the way, Flint does his best to boost up Hrolf’s confidence. Hrolf takes it to heart. A little too much (failed Coarse Persuasion) and now believes he can do anything with the help of the new forge and won’t let anyone get in his way. Continue reading


Dwarves in Eden – The Forge

This week’s session centered mostly around what would happen with the forge. We also see the return of Ilsa, the occasionally-present. Her player is currently thinking of making a new character (he finally got a copy of BW Gold, so he might burn up a human for the next time he can make the game).

Ilsa and the Binders

Of the three humans that are visiting the hold two are female. Ilsa decides to go have a chat with them to see what she can learn. She doesn’t quite trust them yet.

She finds Koru standing outside the entrance to their quarters. He’s polite, but he seems a little awkward, like he’s not sure how to act around a female dwarf. After a bit of small talk, Ilsa asks to see the other humans and Koru directs her inside.

Inside the two women are just finishing getting dressed. They’re a little shy at first, but quickly warm to Ilsa. They introduce themselves as Sara and Claire..

They chat a bit and Ilsa finds out that they just have the one room assigned to them, which was why Koru was standing outside while the women were getting ready. Ilsa says she’ll get that remedied by talking to someone. They don’t want her to go to any trouble for them, but she insists.

Ilsa expresses her curiosity as to why they’re here (it’s not common knowledge). The younger one speaks up, excitedly, to say that they’re going to help light the forge by binding a fire spirit like there was before — it’s going to be her first major binding. She talks about how Flint & Kardin had brought them here so the forge could be lit. Ilsa asks a few more questions, becoming increasingly uneasy and eventually excuses herself to go see Grahm. Continue reading