Psi*Run AP (Part 2)

Part 1 here.

When last we left the Runners, they’d just left Wichita, Kansas, and were planning to make their way east to St. Louis, hoping to evade their pursuers…

The Sticks

Unfortunately, the Chaser cast a wide net and they’ve begun recruiting civilian cops. They’ve started setting up check points all over the place. The Runners soon find themselves coming up to a checkpoint. They’re in a line of cars. Up ahead are a couple cop cars, lights flashing. Nathan turns to the others “Okay, everyone keep calm, I’ll get us through this.”

He pulls up to the front of the line and a cop comes up to either side of the vehicle. The first one leans in and starts asking Nathan the usual questions. He decides to use his powers to allay suspicion and get the cop to let him go.

Time for Nathan to roll. He succeeds in getting past the road block, but his Psi power surges. The Chasers begin to gain on them, but he gets another question answered. He also gets hurt.

Using his mind to “push” the officers to trust him, his plan works, but works to well. Not only do the officers completely trust him and his companions, but they all become immediately suspicious of each other as well as the rest of the people waiting in their cars. As Nathan pulls away, things come to a head behind him and officers start shooting at one another. Of course, a few of the civilians have weapons as well, and it escalates to an all-out gun fight. A stray bullet smashes through the back glass of the car and grazes Nathan. The stress and the pain brings back more memories. He now knows that he can use his powers to push people to murder (answer to question 1 — 2/4 questions answered). Continue reading


Psi*Run AP (Part 1)

Now, on to the good stuff. So what does a session of Psi*Run look like? Hopefully this will give you some idea. Even better if you like it and go get your own copy (seriously, do this).

The Runners

Runner 1

Name: ??? (I’ll refer to him/it as Fedora from here on).

Apparent age: ??? (Fedora has an ageless quality to him)

Psi powers: Affect matter at the quantum level (started out as a bit of a joke, since it was an example of too detailed of a power in the book, but fuck it, I ran with it).

When I look in the mirror, I see: Something different, except for a suave fedora.

Question 1: Why can’t my powers affect my hat?

Question 2: Why do I keep going back to the Taco Bell on Main Street?

Question 3: Who keeps following me?

Question 4: When was I born? Continue reading


I had the opportunity to run Psi*Run, by Meguey Baker, for my weekly gaming group and I’m seriously glad I did. It’s a really fantastic game in a number of different ways.

The premise of the game is that the PCs are Runners: amnesiacs with psychic powers that are on the run from the Chasers. Chasers could be anything from a shadowy government agency to a cult an advanced medical corp or maybe even aliens. As players create their Runners at the table, the GM can usually pick up on a few clues to give them some inspiration. For my game I went with something pretty easy — a sort of black ops military organization. So lots of soldiers and high-grade military tech. Continue reading