Psi*Run AP (Part 1)

Now, on to the good stuff. So what does a session of Psi*Run look like? Hopefully this will give you some idea. Even better if you like it and go get your own copy (seriously, do this).

The Runners

Runner 1

Name: ??? (I’ll refer to him/it as Fedora from here on).

Apparent age: ??? (Fedora has an ageless quality to him)

Psi powers: Affect matter at the quantum level (started out as a bit of a joke, since it was an example of too detailed of a power in the book, but fuck it, I ran with it).

When I look in the mirror, I see: Something different, except for a suave fedora.

Question 1: Why can’t my powers affect my hat?

Question 2: Why do I keep going back to the Taco Bell on Main Street?

Question 3: Who keeps following me?

Question 4: When was I born?

Runner 2

Name: Sheila

Apparent age: 29

Psi powers: I can see the future

When I look in the mirror, I see: Gray, sad eyes, with stringy hair. A thong necklace with blood-stained arrowhead. Strained, gray sweats.

Question 1: Why does my power make me sad?

Question 2: Whose blood is on the arrowhead?

Question 3: Why am I afraid to wash my hair?

Question 4: Where is my son?

Runner 3

Name: ??? (Referred to from now on as Jumpsuit)

Apparent age: ??? (I think the actually just forgot to fill this in, his description says young, so I’m going with in his 20s)

Psi powers: I can sense things

When I look in the mirror, I see: A young, unkempt, shaggy, worn looking man.

Question 1: How do I know what is going on around me?

Question 2: Where did I get this outfit?

Question 3: Why don’t I trust Sheila?

Question 4: Why did my parents turn me into the cops?

Runner 4

Name: Nathan

Apparent age: 30’s

Psi powers: I can “push” people to act.

When I look in the mirror, I see: Bald, dark skin dude with a scar running across my face. Stubble beard.

Question 1: How far can I “push” someone?

Question 2: Why do I carry this white bishop?

Question 3: Did I kill that agent in the men’s room?

Question 4: Who is Johnny Honduras?

The Chasers

I went pretty straightforward with the chasers.

Look: military, black-ops

Method: brute force, intel

Technology: Military-grade, Psi-gear

On to the game…

The Crash Site

The Runners come to in the remains of a helicopter crash somewhere near the river in downtown Kansas City. In the distance they hear sirens as emergency services respond. Also in the wreckage are 4 soldiers in uniforms, 3 dead, 1 unconscious but stable. It doesn’t take long before the 4 chasers manage to get themselves out of their restraints, Nathan, Sheila, & Fedora start checking out their immediate surroundings. Jumpsuit decides to strip one of the soldiers and take his uniform.

The helicopter was downed in a sand bank in a bend of the river, which probably helped soften the landing just enough to keep the Runners alive.

Nathan decides to climb up the bank of the river and get his bearings. He climbs up and and sees a little traffic and immediately decides he and the other Runners might need some transportation, so he makes his way toward a car stopped at a traffic light with the intention of stealing it.

This is a significant action, so Nathan rolls to steal the car, making use of his “pushing” Psi*Power. He rolls well and gets his goal, gets a memory, no negative effects from using his Psi power, and the Chasers get no closer.

A field of psychic force flows out from Nathan and before he even gets close to the car, the driver gets out and runs off. The driver running off reminds Nathan of the last time he managed to escape from the Chasers and got cornered in a men’s restroom and had to kill a Chaser to get away (answer to question 3 — 1/4 questions answered).

The sirens of emergency responders are getting closer, so the other runners head up the bank of the river to check on Nathan to find him waiting in a car. They all climb in and decide to head south away from Kansas City.

Flying J Truck Stop

The group heads south for a while. There’s some forced small talk as they try to learn a little about one another. About halfway to Wichita Nathan decides to make a pit stop at a truck stop outside of Emporia, Kansas.

Nathan gets out to fill up the car, but before he can get started Fedora uses his power to create some gas in the gas tank. Sheila gets out to stretch her legs and check out the surroundings. She decides to try and get a sense of the future and she gets a flash of something as she sees a large number of people in uniform surrounding the truck stop. She recognizes the uniforms as those worn by the men in the helicopter that crashed.

In the meantime Jumpsuit goes inside to find some trimmers to shave off his beard. He realizes he has no money, so he decides to steal some. He uses his psychic powers to stay out of sight from anyone.

This is a significant actions, so Jumpsuit rolls to steal the trimmers. He gets a goal, and memory, but his Psi power surges and the chasers move one step forward, arriving at the crash site.

Jumpsuit manages to sneak off into a bathroom with the trimmers, but in trying to keep out of eyesight of so many taxes his psychic abilities and it causes a backlash causing all the non-psychics in the area to fall unconscious as just for a moment their senses become hyper-sensitive. Stealing the clippers and seeing those around him falling unconscious reminds Jumpsuit of the time he found his mother’s life savings and stole it, which lead to her turning him into the cops (answer to question 4 — 1/4 questions answered).

Back at the crash site police, firemen, & paramedics have the area cordoned off when a convoy of  SUV’s comes onto the scene. There’s some heated exchanges and it’s not long before all civilian personnel have cleared the area and the Chasers are swarming over the crash scene.

Meanwhile at the truck stop Jumpsuit gets back out to the parking lot to see unconscious people all over and the other runners looking quite anxious. Jumpsuit denies knowing what happened, but they agree they need to get out of there. They all get in the car and continue on their way to Wichita.

Bad Dog Motel & Bar

On the outskirts of Wichita the group stops at a run-down motel with an attached bar. They need some rest and down-time. Fedora offers to pay for rooms for everyone and heads to the office. Sheila decides to follow. Nathan heads to the bar and starts up a tab (on Fedora) & Jumpsuit stays in the car. He’s still very shaken from what happened back at the truck stop.

In the office, Fedora is talking to the manager about getting some rooms. With no money his only option is to try and create some using his Psi power.

Another significant action. So, Fedora rolls to come up with enough cash to pay for some rooms. He fails his goal, his Psi power goes wild, and the Chasers get one step closer. But he does get a question answered.

Running low on energy, Fedora has a hard time changing enough matter into money. Before he can stop, he loses control of his psychic power and it begins getting energy from the nearest source: the motel manager and his family in the back room. Just a few moments later and they’re reduced to dust and Fedora has nothing to show for it. He gets a flash of memory about why he spent so much time in the Taco Bell on Main Street: because his power requires tremendous amounts of energy (answer to question 2 — 1/4 questions answered).

Meanwhile in the bar, Nathan sees something on the news about an unexplained phenomenon at a truck stop near Emporia, Kansas. A lot of people were stricken unconscious simultaneously. This was accompanied by footage of a large number of sleek, black vehicles converging on the truck stop and squads of uniformed soldiers securing the area.

Outside the motel office, Sheila sees what happens as Fedora loses control of his power. She darts off to the bar to get Nathan. “We have to leave. Now. We can’t stay.” They all head out to the car, and they’re getting ready to leave when Sheila remembers that there were cameras inside and outside the motel office. “Wait. There were cameras, we can’t leave them.”

Sheila runs in to try and deal with the cameras, hoping to take out whatever recording there might be.

Significant action! Sheila rolls to find and take care of the cameras and whatever recording there is. A great roll, free of negative effects.

Sheila manages to find a camera dvr in the back office. Not being sure how delete recorded footage, she just rips it from the wall and leaves. Walking past the ashen remains of the motel manager’s families and Sheila suddenly remembers why her power makes her so sad. She used to use her powers to push other psychics to death. Not only can she use her powers to see the future, but she can see other eventualities and key turning points that can lead to whatever eventuality she wants to make happen. (answer to question 1 — 1/4 questions answered)

Sheila gets back to the car and Nathan slams on the gas, heading out of Wichita as fast as possible. Fedora just keeps shaking his head “I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. It was an accident. I don’t know what happened.” The whole group is shaken from what happened. First at the truck stop with Jumpsuit somehow rendering so many people unconscious and now Fedora reduces an entire family to ash.

The group decides that their best bet is to turn back east, hoping that they can confuse their pursuers by turning back and heading to Missouri. The plan is to head to St. Louis.

To be continued…


2 responses to “Psi*Run AP (Part 1)

  1. You did a much better job with showing the chasers’ progress through the actual medium of the setting than I ever have, bravo on that.

    I see you used the classic “backlash” scenario for a purely sensory power going haywire- I wonder if it got as tricky for you to keep coming up with fresh ways to approach that as it did for me…

    Good so far!

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