The Quiet Year

So, as I said in my last post I recently got the chance to play The Quiet Year. I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect going in, but I really had a good time with it.

When The Quiet Year originally launched on indiegogo I was pretty firmly on the fence, leaning towards not interested. However, I did really love the intro movie. Seriously, go watch it if you haven’t. It’s pretty fantastic.

Anyhow, I kept seeing fairly regular updates thanks to G+, Facebook, & Twitter. Eventually I decided to go for it. I like supporting indie developers, and I really like the only other game of Joe McDaldno’s I’m familiar with: Monsterhearts. Plus, the more I thought about it the more my curiosity got the better of me. I really wanted to see how the premise of the game would work and play out.

So, I put my money in and a few weeks ago Joe sent out the pdf of the game. I read over it and was very intrigued to see how it would play out. I’ve enjoyed other GMless games (Fiasco & Durance) and lately I’ve found myself drawn to games with ritualistic components, which this game definitely has. Continue reading


The Quiet Year – Actual Play

I had the opportunity to play Joe McDaldno’s The Quiet Year. The game revolves around a map that the players build as a community tries to survive & build in a post-apocalyptic setting. What follows are a number of pictures as the map of our game evolved. After each image I’ll detail some highlights. Later I’ll make a post about my thoughts of the game itself.

Play Begins

Starting Map

Starting Map

Our community is staying within an abandoned run-down amusement park. The three areas of note on the map are a system of run-down maintenance tunnels (scarcity of protection from the elements), a castle attraction with fake, useless weaponry (scarcity of weapons), and a central lagoon fed by a stream that keeps it fresh (an abundance of water). Continue reading