Mythender – Actual Play Moments

I’m not going to do a full AP of the game of Mythender I recently ran, but I wanted to highlight some of the awesome things that happened to give you an idea of the sort of epic action that happens in a session of Mythender.

We had two Mythenders: Tyr an abomination (child of a Myth; Thor in this case) and Aegir a Warrior. Tyr is fated to become a God of Death, and Aegir a God of War.

The game started with Tyr & Aegir facing off against an army of Einherjar. At one point they created a blight of an ongoing avalanche as they swarmed down the moutainside. Tyr made a Blight of little lightning balls, like hundreds of Will o’ Wisps, while Aegir rode his giant bear Scala and took out entire ranks every time it swiped its claw. In the end a Titanic action by Tyr blew off the top of the mountain in an explosion of lighting, ending the fight.

They came upon the fort of Thorberge to find the gates barred to them as priests of Thor inside pleaded to their god and many of the populace of the fort were outside worshiping Tyr & Aegir as they approached.

Tyr strode forward slaughtering mortals has he went, eventually blasting the gates wide open (Terrorizing Mortals for Power, of course), which broke the will of the priests as they began to send their prayers to him instead.

Meanwhile, Aegir wanted to deal with a permanent blight the Einherjar (from Tyr’s lighting) had created. Aegir used his power over the earth (his Fate’s power) to ground out all of the electricity, effectively destroying the blight.

Then the Mythenders face off against Thor up in the clouds. Thor starts off the fight by slamming Mjolnir into the clouds, putting the Mythenders off-balance and creating a blight I named “Cloudquake”.

Tyr uses his power over death & shadow to create a shadow portal blight that spews forth shadows, which keeps getting charged until all of the sky is covered in shadow.

After that blight was charged Thor dishes out some major punishment to both Mythenders, draining his blight & destroying their blight at the same time and manages to kill Tyr.

Tyr came back in a blast of lightning that struck Thor in the chest, blasting him down to earth, destroying the cloudquake blight, and smashes into what was formerly Thor’s temple in the middle of Thorberge. At the same time Tyr creates a blight of cursed souls from all the mortals he slaughtered there earlier.

Aegir charges the blight of cursed souls by slaughtering more innocent mortals and eventually the Mythenders are able to gather enough power to finish Thor off.

By the end of the fight Tyr had progressed his Fate as far as it would go and Aegir was one box away. It was pretty much a sure thing that one or both of them would become Myths, so as the mythic power was leaving Thor’s body, he laughs, knowing that a new Thor will rise, even more powerful.

And, sure enough, both Tyr & Aegir became Myths. Thor, having been a god of Thunder & War, left a big hole in the mythic world, so his domains were split and Tyr became a new God of Thunder and Aegir a god of war, and they were swept away by the Mythic world as the few surviving mortals bore witness.

That’s a pretty condensed version of what happened. If that’s the sort of epic action you want to see in a game then you absolutely have to try out Mythender. Like I said previously there’s a lot of moving parts, but the tutorial battle does an amazing job of teaching you about all of them and bringing in pieces one at a time so you’re not overwhelmed. After the tutorial fight, you’re easily prepared for the full-on onslaught that is battling a major Myth.



Mythender is a game I’ve been hearing tidbits about for years. For a while all I really knew about it was that it required a lot of dice. Eventually I learned that it had to do with fighting and killing gods (Myths). I definitely knew it was something I wanted to play.

Well the time finally came and Ryan Macklin released Mythender (for free!) earlier this year. I immediately downloaded the pdf and started devouring it. The text gets my heart pumping and my blood flowing. No matter what I’m doing, as I’m reading the text I hear metal music playing in my head. Seriously, few games have affected me while reading them like the text for Mythender does. It just makes me want to crank up some metal music and go murder some gods. In the face. Continue reading