RPG Catch-Up, Part 3

Another few weeks and another few games. Most of these (the first 5) are ¬†pretty short, but being otherwise busy kept me from being able to read as much as usual. That and I haven’t had time to post about them. Anyhow, on to the games.

Breaking the Ice, by Emily Care Boss

Breaking the Ice is a 2-player rpg about characters going on dates and forging a relationship. I’ll say upfront that the content of the game doesn’t really interest me, but that’s complete personal preference.

What I did like, though, are the mechanics. They’re really simple, but fun. The basic idea is that each character takes turn narrating parts of a date. The second person will award the first person dice as they narrate things they think their character would approve of. Eventually it’ll reach a point where dice need to be rolled to determine an outcome. The roll of the dice will determine how well things go and possibly form connections. Continue reading


RPG Catch-Up, Part 2

Bliss Stage, by Ben Lehman

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been reading Bliss Stage. I really dig the setup/premise (really I’m a sucker for just about anything that’s vaguely post-apocalyptic). The story of the game starts now. Like right now as you’re reading this. Aliens attack and use a weapon that we refer to as bliss basically cause all adults to fall asleep and never wake up.

The game itself starts 7 ¬†years from now. There’s a rare few adults that never fell asleep and some have figured out how to make a weapon to take the fight back to the aliens and it can only be used by kids (well, teenagers, really). This is done through the use of a device called an ANIMa that sends a pilot into a dream-like world where they can fight the aliens. In that dream-like world they form what’s basically a mech that they navigate the world with and sometimes fight the aliens while an anchor helps by being their link back to the real world. There’s a bit more, but that’s the gist. Continue reading