Dungeon Roll

So, back in March, more-or-less on a whim, I decided to back this Kickstarter for Dungeon Roll. It looked like a pretty clever push-your-luck dice rolling game and it was only $15 for a physical copy of the game. Not a bad deal. Not to mention, what gamer doesn’t want a little treasure chest with dice and other bits in it? Hard to pass up!

Anyhow, my copy finally arrived a week or so ago and since I was a Kickstarter backer I go the nifty, exclusive Mimic treasure chest packaging. Scanned through the rules once, but hadn’t had a chance to break it out until last night.

The overall design of the game & pieces are all pretty nice. There’s two sets of dice: party dice & dungeon dice (6 sides each). The party dice sides are: fighter, thief, mage, cleric, champion, scroll. Dungeon dice have: goblin, ooze, skeleton, treasure, potion, dragon. Continue reading


RPG Catch-Up, Part 4

And my quest to read through my rpg pdf collection continues! Four more games this time.

Fruit Hangs Heavy, by Matthijs Holter

A short, simple, rules-light story-telling rpg. The characters are all teenagers that each represent a specific trait of youth, like maybe naivete or self-assurance. There’s a bit of collaborative world-building & character-building and then players take turn creating scenes.

One interesting thing is there are cards that are used as inspiration for scenes. It’s not explicit, but my assumption is that scenes continue until all the cards are used up.

That’s pretty much it. I’d say it’s a little light for my tastes, or maybe it’s the premise, but it just doesn’t really grab me. I’m sure it appeals to others, though. Continue reading