RPG Catch-Up, Part 6

Here I am still reading my back-log of rpg pdfs. Here’s 5 more I’ve read over the course of the last few weeks.


Mars Colony, by Tim C Koppang

Mars Colony is a 2-player rpg “about personal failure and government.”

The basic premise is that a colony has been established on Mars by a coalition of governments from Earth. Now the colony is in trouble: environmental hazards, social unrest, bad infrastructure, etc. So, someone gets chosen to go to Mars Colony and fix all the problems. That’s one player, “The Savior”, Kelly Perkins. The other player is “the Governer”, who controls everyone else.

The basic idea is that Kelly is universally loved in the beginning. And the game centers around how well she (the game notes Kelly can be male as well, but for ease of writing I’m just going with a single pronoun) can accomplish fixing things on the colony and how she’s viewed by the populace.┬áKelly has a limited number of attempts to make things better. Specifically, nine. After that the two players take stock of how well Kelly did and if she leaves in honor or disgrace. Continue reading


RPG Catch-Up, Part 5

Getting behind on my reading/posting with life/work being busy lately. Only three games to talk about this time. I finished reading them a couple weeks ago, but only just now getting around to finishing the write-up. Hopefully things start calming down so I can get back to more regular reading.

Hell 4 Leather, by Sebastian Hickey

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for unique mechanics in games, especially when there’s a really physical part of them (like, say, the tower in Dread). Well, Hell 4 Leather also has a tower, but not of Jenga blocks. More on that in a moment.

The default premise is a futuristic world with a reality-show on steroids. The players are contestants and they have to flee across the globe and probably create a lot of destruction along the way. And, of course, there’s no safehouses as the same public that is watching you is the same public that can turn you in for a prize. Continue reading