Dwarves in Eden – Trouble in Paradise

After a nearly 2-year hiatus, my group has finally returned to our Dwarves in Eden campaign. We brought in a new player and one of our other semi-regular players decided to burn up a new character as well.

While we helped them create those characters we caught up a bit on what had happened before and where things might be going.

So we have two existing PCs: Kardin (the crafter, Runecaster) & Flint (super-greedy ex-adventurer & civilian leadership) and two new PCs: Hastur, a human scout with major leadership problems (Anarchist character trait) & Reorx a Dwarven scout that had been travelling with the Prince’s party who had been having a secret affair with the royal mother (the Prince’s mother) before the exile.

This session was mostly about getting reacquainted with the setting and introducing the new characters.

The Lost Scouts

Reorx, a noble leading a scouting party that had been travelling with the Prince, got lost along with the scouting party and couldn’t find their way back to the Prince. After wandering through the wilderness for some time they came across a lone human, Hastur. This was the man’s first time to see a dwarf and vice versa. Hastur decided to keep an eye on them to judge what their intent might be and decided to help them find their way for the time being.

After a couple weeks they came across the Ziggurat that the other dwarves have been settling down into.

A Luke-Warm Welcome

The party is quickly spotted coming toward the ziggurat and Grahm, Kardin, & Flint go out to meet them. Kardin immediately starts to question Reorx about where they came from and the disposition of the Prince. Reorx says that the Prince was alive the last time he saw them. After some more conversation it seems unlikely that anyone would be able to find the Prince’s party anytime soon.

Hastur, meanwhile, kind of hangs back to get a sense of all these dwarves. He’s especially worried about everything seemingly being run by the military.

During the conversation Flint hears a voice and he turns to see a dwarf no one has ever seen. No one else seems to notice. The strange dwarf tells Flint that the newcomers must be killed that any one of them could run off to try and find the Prince at some point and that the Prince coming back would be very bad. Flint realizes that the dwarf is from an ancient dwarf clan, but doesn’t realize no one else seems to be paying attention to him (Failed Obscure History FoRK’d with Observation). Flint realizes that this dwarf is right and that he can’t take any chances on the Prince coming back (Failed Greed based on Flint’s greed for power). Flint goes crazy and charges at a dwarf in the scout party and slams him with his hammer (invoked I Must Have It). Before he can get another hit on on the dwarf Kardin wrestles Flint off and drags him away (versus Power test).

Reorx immediately rushes to the side of the dwarf Flint attacked who turns out to be Reorx’s brother. Some dwarves come out to help treat Reorx’s brother. Among those who help Reorx recognizes the royal mother who appears to be in hiding as no one else seems to realize who she is.

Once his brother seems to be in better condition Reorx confronts Grahm about Flint’s behavior. Grahm assures him he’ll find out what happened.

Meanwhile Flint & Kardin have a talk. Flint is nearly foaming at the mouth saying they have take out the entire scouting party and that they can’t chance the Prince coming back. Kardin agrees about the Prince but says there is a better way. Kardin manages to calm Flint down a bit just in time for Grahm to show up who wants to have words with Flint.

As it turns out Grahm isn’t so keen on the Prince coming back either, but he, too, disagrees with just slaughtering them outright. He plans to bring host-members in Reorx’s party under his command (which is his right as a Lord Captain of the host). Flint grudgingly accepts but says he’s still going to keep an eye on them. Grahm asks what he should tell Reorx and Flint says “just tell him I saw the other one eyeing my mail. It’s bound to happen at some point anyhow.”

Grahm goes back to try and reassure Reorx (while Kardin eavesdrops). He spins a tale of how everyone has been through a lot of horrible things lately and sometimes people snap. He assures Reorx that he has it under control. Reorx demands some sort of restitution because of what happened with his brother and Grahm promises he’ll see it happen. Grahm then spends some time catching Reorx up with what has been going on, embellishing some of the details to make him look better, which did not go unnoticed by the eavesdropping Kardin.


A pretty short session, but it was good for getting new characters introduced and dipping our toes back into the setting after such a long hiatus.

After the session we realized we still didn’t have a big situation for everyone to have a stake in, so the GM threw out that a flying colossus of some sort was seen above the trees setting some on fire and apparently crashing somewhere in the distance. So we’ll quickly be out in the wilderness trying to find out what’s going on with that.


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