Dwarves in Eden – The Great Men

The vast majority of tonight’s session was taken up by a Fight. Which was fine. We don’t break out Fight very often so we were all a bit rusty, but it was still a lot of fun.

The GM had us fast forward a bit from the last session. So we found ourselves right in the middle of a situation (a Fight), but we didn’t really know how we got there. The plan was to finish the fight and then back fill. Which was a great idea, but we kind of ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to fill in the blanks, so that’ll happen next time. Continue reading


Dwarves in Eden – Chasing Oaths

Up until about the day before this session I was all excited about pushing Flint’s Greed to 10 as fast as possible. As the session approached I started to rethink that stance. I like Flint, and not playing him anymore would suck. On the other hand, I really wanna see what happens at Greed 10 and see what havoc occurs.

Also, going into this session we knew ahead of time that it’d be time for a resource maintenance test. Kardin & Reorx managed to succeed. Flint barely failed, but luckily had 1 remaining Fund die that ate up the tax and Geyrok was taxed by one.

So, with that bit of book-keeping out of the way… Continue reading

Dwarves in Eden – Everybody Wants A Piece

In this week’s session we get introduced to yet another dwarf, Geyrok, a brewer. One of our regular group members had been away for a few weeks so once he got back he made up a new dwarf. To make things a little smoother we decide Geyrok was one of the previous NPC scouts that came with Reorx, so he was with us on our expedition to the colossus bird. Continue reading

Dwarves in Eden – We’re (Still) Not Alone

With last session as sort of a warm-up we were ready to jump right in for this session. We spent some time at the top of the session getting everyone’s Beliefs/Instincts in order and then we were ready to go.

Taking Care of Business

Sometime in the afternoon a huge flying colossus was spotted flying in the area. It wasn’t the first sighting; we’ve seen some before, but not any quite as large. Suddenly it was engulfed in flames and went down off in the distance. It was decided a group of us should go out to investigate first thing in the morning.

Before heading out everyone had a little business to take care of. Flint found a dwarf (successful Circles) that was acquainted with some of the newcomers. He asked him to keep an eye on them, get reacquainted with them. Find out if anyone in their group had any pro-Prince leanings.

Reorx decided to track down the Royal Mother and have a chat with her. She was chatting with another Dwarf, Isla, but Reorx managed to come up with a convincing excuse for her to dash off (claiming his injured brother needed some help). It became quickly obvious that with their time apart the Royal Mother had grown somewhat cold & distant toward Reorx. He decided to sing for her to let her know his true feelings (successful Sing), which brings her around a bit.

Kardin was concerned with getting/staying in the good graces of Hrolf the current Forgemaster, so he found someone to help him track down the tools he had previously stolen and hid from Hrolf (successful Circles) in the hopes that it would earn him some good will.

Meanwhile, during that evening, Hastur was staying outside the ziggurat and had climbed up a tree for a place to sleep. He spotted some movement at one end of the clearing, but whatever it was quickly disappeared, probably just some wildlife (failed Observation) — FORESHADOWING? Continue reading