Dwarves in Eden – We’re (Still) Not Alone

With last session as sort of a warm-up we were ready to jump right in for this session. We spent some time at the top of the session getting everyone’s Beliefs/Instincts in order and then we were ready to go.

Taking Care of Business

Sometime in the afternoon a huge flying colossus was spotted flying in the area. It wasn’t the first sighting; we’ve seen some before, but not any quite as large. Suddenly it was engulfed in flames and went down off in the distance. It was decided a group of us should go out to investigate first thing in the morning.

Before heading out everyone had a little business to take care of. Flint found a dwarf (successful Circles) that was acquainted with some of the newcomers. He asked him to keep an eye on them, get reacquainted with them. Find out if anyone in their group had any pro-Prince leanings.

Reorx decided to track down the Royal Mother and have a chat with her. She was chatting with another Dwarf, Isla, but Reorx managed to come up with a convincing excuse for her to dash off (claiming his injured brother needed some help). It became quickly obvious that with their time apart the Royal Mother had grown somewhat cold & distant toward Reorx. He decided to sing for her to let her know his true feelings (successful Sing), which brings her around a bit.

Kardin was concerned with getting/staying in the good graces of Hrolf the current Forgemaster, so he found someone to help him track down the tools he had previously stolen and hid from Hrolf (successful Circles) in the hopes that it would earn him some good will.

Meanwhile, during that evening, Hastur was staying outside the ziggurat and had climbed up a tree for a place to sleep. He spotted some movement at one end of the clearing, but whatever it was quickly disappeared, probably just some wildlife (failed Observation) — FORESHADOWING?

The Crash Site

The next morning the group heads out. The group consists of Flint, Kardin, Hastur, Reorx, and some of Reorx’s scouts (for a total of 9 people in the group). Hastur, being the most familiar with these lands lead the way. Instead of charging right up the middle following the obvious flight/crash path, he veered out a ways into the forest to come at the crash from a different angle (successful Orienteering) in case of any danger.

As the group nears the actual crash site there’s evidence everywhere of the crashed colossus. Trees broken down, large feathers and shards of feathers. There is one particularly little-damaged shard that was in a village just this side of the crash. Kardin decides to go off and investigate.

The rest of the group gets to the crash site where the huge flying colossus (wingspan approximately 140′ across) had crashed down into the ground. Flint decides to start looking for survivors and begins making his way back to the village.

Reorx realizes they’re not alone (successful Perception), but Hastur is oblivious (failed Perception) as he ranges out a bit to check out the area luckily not being noticed by the watchers (successful Stealthy). From what Reorx can tell they’re bipedal, taller than dwarves, but shorter than the men they’ve encountered. All wearing strange painted skulls as masks.

Meanwhile, Kardin is at the edge of the village and doesn’t notice 3 figures moving towards him as he’s too distracted checking out the feather shard. As they get closer to him Flint comes nearby and spots the figures (successful Perception). The figures are much shorter than men and definitely not dwarves. They seem primitive but have weapons and are obviously trying to move in on Kardin. Flint shoots one dead (successful Crossbow) and the rest run off. Kardin finally starts paying attention. Kardin & Flint decide to head back to the group now that they know they’re not alone. On the way back to the crash site they spot a group of the masked beings shadowing them from the forest (successful Observation).

Dwarven Diplomacy

Once back together everyone shares notes. It becomes quickly obvious they’re getting surrounded by the masked creatures. Flint steps away from the group and calls out to them to come out and talk. He hopes they can communicate and find out what happened. Flint hopes to avoid any fighting as maybe this is another group of locals the dwarves can try to befriend and have positive relations with.

Before he can fully finish giving his spiel, a couple strange soft sac-like bags come flying out of the forest landing near the party. They immediately burst and some sort of noxious gas comes out. Hastur & Reorx quickly run off to get away from the fumes (successful Speed). Flint & Kardin both decide to stand their ground hoping that by enduring whatever the weapon is they can impress/dismay/intimidate the creatures. They breathe deeply of the fumes and avoid any serious consequences (successful Forte).

Once again Flint calls out one last time for a chance to talk. And then the creatures charge.

The party of 9 quickly split into 3 groups of 3 (lead by Flint, Hastur, & Reorx) to face off against 3 groups of 5 of the masked creatures charging them (Range & Cover). Hastur’s group manages to pin some of the creatures down before they can get too  close (successful Maneuver, 3 failed ranged attacks). Flint manages to put some distance between another group and  takes one down (successful Maneuver, successful ranged attack). Reorx’s group was unable to hold off the masked creatures they were facing (failed Maneuver) and suddenly a chaotic melee ensues (Too Close to Shoot).

With the odds not much better (14 vs 9), again it’s 3 groups against 3. Reorx & Hastur lead a group, but get chased off into the forest (failed Bloody Vs), while Kardin’s group is able to tear down the group he faces (successful Bloody Vs) and Flint’s manages to capture 4 of the creatures (tied Bloody Vs followed by successful Power).


Some really tense stuff in this session! Being so outnumbered in Range & Cover and Bloody Versus is pretty scary. Luckily Kardin & Flint both had a Persona to drop to Fuel their Greed. Reorx got off relatively lightly with a light wound as his group was chased off into the forest.

The last reveal as we broke for the night was that under the painted skull masks weren’t regular men, but rat-men. Tall, bipedal rats.


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