Dwarves in Eden – Everybody Wants A Piece

In this week’s session we get introduced to yet another dwarf, Geyrok, a brewer. One of our regular group members had been away for a few weeks so once he got back he made up a new dwarf. To make things a little smoother we decide Geyrok was one of the previous NPC scouts that came with Reorx, so he was with us on our expedition to the colossus bird.

Spoils of War

After the pitched battle with the rat men Kardin & Flint see about securing the area. Flint has his captives and Kardin starts checking out the crashed bird. This colossus is quite a bit different than any other they’ve gotten this close to, but Kardin figures it’s gotta have a core of some sort like the other, which means some way to access it. (successful Colossus-Wise).  After a bit of searching it’s no problem to spot an access panel just barely sticking out above ground — it’s going to take a bit of digging to completely uncover it. It doesn’t look like it’s meant to be re-opened as it seems to be welded shut.

In the clearing Flint is trying to communicate with the rat men. He starts by trying to determine if they can understand/speak dwarfish since the humans they’ve met so far speak an ancient dialect of it. After roughing one of them up a bit it becomes obvious that the rat men can understand dwarfish (Falsehood vs Will), but they can’t speak it because they’re mouths can’t form the right shapes. Flint grabs a stick to start writing in the dirt and determines they are able to read as well.

Meanwhile, Reorx, Hastur, & Geyrok had been run off into the woods by a group of the rat men. They did manage to lose them after some time but now they’re not entirely sure where they are. They manage to get their bearings and find their way back to the crash site without running into any more trouble (Beginner’s Luck Orienteering).

We’re Not Alone

Before everyone can catch up on what’s going on some humans in strange garb walk into the clearing. They seem peaceful and not at all aggressive so Flint & Reorx walk out to meet them. Their leader said they are the Isazanna People otherwise called the Keepers of the Dead. They ask how many dead there are as it’s their duty to care for them. Flint says he doesn’t know but they haven’t found any survivors except some pygmy-like men as well as the rat people they’ve killed/captured. The man informs Flint that the rat people are called the Nazumi and says “they number like the stars” and that they will be coming back and that the pygmy people are known cannibals.

Flint begins trying to broker some sort of friendship with these new people, introducing the dwarves as the Children of Midnor and that they are currently making a home out of the ruined ziggurat to the south. The man is basically just non-committal saying that they need to get started before the Nazumi return.

While they’re talking another tribe of humans joins in. They seem more similar to the tribe the dwarves have previously had dealings with. Their leader introduces herself as Estelle. She lets it drop that the Nazumi take down colossi and then salvage them for parts. She says the dwarves may have driven them off for now but they will be back within the day and in greater numbers. She suggests that there’s more than enough salvage to be found on the colossi for everyone. Flint agrees hoping this could be a start of a new friendship with this new tribe.

As Flint & Estelle are talking and while the Keepers of the Dead are gathering bodies yet another group of humans come in. Before they get close it’s obvious they’re much better armed/armored than any other humans the dwarves have encountered so far. Estelle says they come from a city called Morangi. They close the space and their leader introduces himself as Drake. Flint gives him the same spiel as Estelle and the Keepers of the Dead, aiming for yet more friendly relations.

Even with the new arrivals it’s obvious there’s still enough salvage from the crashed colossus to go around. Estelle seems the most open to some sort of partnership. She offers to assist the dwarves of the Nazumi return, but in exchange she wants one of the eyes of the bird for her people. Flint quickly agrees, figuring one eye of two is a cheap enough price for a budding relationship.

Loot, Loot, Loot

Meanwhile Kardin has been checking out the head of the bird and spots the eyes which appear to be huge, beautiful jewels. Kardin stares for a moment (failed Greed) and decides to get them out for himself (invoked I must have it). Unfortunately his tools aren’t quite up to the task of getting the eye out of the head (failed Colossus Artifice) and it cracks into a number of pieces. Before Kardin can get the other eye out Flint comes around with Estelle to let Kardin know about the deal: one eye for the Dwarves, one eye for the humans. Kardin eyes the jewel for a moment before reluctantly backing down all the while scheming how he could get his hands on the intact jewel in the future.

As Estelle and her retinue get started on getting the eye Flint gets his first good look at it and stands in awe for a few moments (failed Greed, Standing & Drooling hesitation).

While that’s going on Reorx took the lead with the rest of the Dwarves trying to get into the bird. With a bit of patience, a lot of hard work, and some teamwork he manages to remove the welded plate from the main body of the bird (successful Power test).

Inside the bird are all sorts of gears and mechanism. There’s what appears to be some sort of pilot strapped into a device somehow. It’s not immediately clear what or who the pilot is. Reorx quickly finds something that really catches his eye: the core of the colossus. It’s a strange shape made out of an unknown metal with carvings all around it, almost like conduits of some sort. It’s not clear how it works, but it’s obviously important and well made. Reorx grabs it for his own with the intention of gifting it to Lea, the Royal Mother.

About that time Kardin catches up and sees what Reorx found. “Do you know what that is?”

“I believe I do.”

“You have to let me see it, to study it.”

“You’ll have to take that up with the owner once I’ve given it to her.”

Then the looting begins in earnest, humans and dwarves alike finding anything of value they can take away from the crash site that’s not too heavy. Only what can be carried is bothered with. Time is of the essence. All of the dwarves manage to get a decent haul (successful Appraisal or Perception test to earn some Cash Dice).

As the light begins to fade everyone decides it’s time to go. Before clearing out Reorx & Kardin lead some men and dwarves in destroying as much as they can inside the colossus, hoping to remove as much value as possible before the Nazumi return.

Spiraling Downward

Everyone heads off in different directions. The humans back to their various settlements and the dwarves back toward the Ziggurat.

As they’re starting to walk away all Flint can think about is the eye of the colossus. That gorgeous jewel. Flint announces that he’s gonna stay behind for a bit to cover the rear and make sure the Nazumi don’t try to follow them. The rest of the party nod, agreeing it’s a good idea.

Instead, Flint has a different plan. He found a discarded weapon that the humans from Morangi had left behind and then he tracked after the tribe that Estelle was leading. Flint was able to ambush the man carrying the jewel (successful Stealth) and kill him before he could make any noise, by shooting him in the head with his arbalest (successful Crossbow). After collected the jewel, he cut off the man’s head with the weapon he’d found then left the weapon behind & took the head to remove any evidence of the crossbow wound.

Flint spends some time admiring his “find” before returning to the rest of the group.

Meanwhile Reorx strikes up a conversation with Kardin about Flint, confronting him about what problems Flint might have because of the way he attacked Reorx’s brother. Reorx is concerned about him as a leader and what else he might do. Kardin says Reorx needs to bring it up with Flint. Reorx tells Kardin that if he backs him up when confronting Flint that Kardin will allow him to occasionally study the core. Kardin agrees.

The End

A very focused session with a lot of new things to take in! The Nazumi taking down colossi to scavenge them for parts for who knows what purpose. New human tribes. A human city somewhere!

And most important Flint possibly sparked a war between two groups of humans all so he could have the eye jewel for himself. The result of which is that Flint is only 4 or 5 tests away from reaching Greed 10, which could easily happen next session!


One response to “Dwarves in Eden – Everybody Wants A Piece

  1. Some things I noticed during the game not mentioned:

    -Hastur was lost/wandered off, and did not accompany Reorx and Geyrok back to the Colossus.

    -Reorx failed a greed test somewhere (I think on one of the tests to get into the Colossus) and invoked “I must have it!”

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