Dwarves in Eden – Chasing Oaths

Up until about the day before this session I was all excited about pushing Flint’s Greed to 10 as fast as possible. As the session approached I started to rethink that stance. I like Flint, and not playing him anymore would suck. On the other hand, I really wanna see what happens at Greed 10 and see what havoc occurs.

Also, going into this session we knew ahead of time that it’d be time for a resource maintenance test. Kardin & Reorx managed to succeed. Flint barely failed, but luckily had 1 remaining Fund die that ate up the tax and Geyrok was taxed by one.

So, with that bit of book-keeping out of the way…

The “Sickness”

The excursion party that went to check out the crashed collosus got back home without incident and have settled back in after a few days.

Falur (Flint’s father) and Fergus (the clan’s Chronicler) came to Kardin to discuss Flint. Falur & Fergus are worried about his… mental state. They skirt coming right out and saying it, even referring to it as the “sickness”. It’s treated a bit like the elephant in the room, but Kardin catches on quickly. It’s something all Dwarfs know about, but not something that’s generally discussed much (dwarven Greed).

Kardin even mentions the incident when the scouting party first arrived, when Flint attacked Rhaegar, Reorx’s brother, which Falur & Fergus hadn’t heard about. Regardless, they wanted Kardin’s assistance in potentially dealing with Flint. Best-case would be probably capturing and holding him somewhere.

Kardin, being a student of history talked to Fergus some more and together they recalled old tales of a Dwarf that was supposedly to somehow stave off the “sickness” for a very long time (failed Obscure History, even after dropping a Deeds point on the roll). So, some slim hope for Flint perhaps, if he’s not too far gone.


Back when the clan was first exiled and were making their way to the tunnels the Prince took Geyrok aside as one of his most trusted friends. The Prince was having some concerns about his mother and he was asking Geyrok to promise to look after her and protect her as best as he was able. The Prince even gave Geyrok a sign of his authority, a pendant of some sort that he could wear around his neck, but keep hidden.

It also turns out that it was Geyrok’s idea for the Royal Mother to hide her identity and to go by Lea after the two groups were separated during the exile.

Making Amends

After months of not talking with Delana, Flint decided it was time to try and make amends after what happened during their last conversation. He gets to Delana’s room and finds his brother, Arak, talking with her. Apparently he’d been trying to wear her down a bit and convince her to take Flint back. Arak’s glad to see Flint finally coming to see her so he quickly says his good byes and leaves the two of them alone.

Flint does his best to look contrite, but Delana isn’t softening. At all. Flint pulls out the ornate box with the pipe & mugs and says “I’m sorry about before. Things have been rough and I reacted badly.” Her eyes light up at the box, but she replies “It’s not gonna be that easy, you know.”

Without saying another word Flint pulls out the colossus eye and hands it over. Delana’s eyes grow wide and she immediately grabs for it. Flint says “I’ve put this off far too long. We can get married as soon as you want. Right now if you want.”

“Oh, no, we’re going to do this right. And you’re gonna settle in and stop going off all the time. And you can help me take care of all these orphans!”

“What? No! Our people need me. They look to me for leadership and I’m out there trying to improve things for everyone, not just us!”

Flint manages to convince her the importance of him going off into the wilds, but he promises to help out more with the orphans however he can (DoW with minor compromise).

Problems Piling Up

Meanwhile, Kardin makes contact with the Dwarf he’d previously found to help track down what happened to Hrolf’s tools. He informs Kardin that Rutger somehow managed to get ahold of them and he wants to sell him. He tells Kardin they should just get some dwarfs together and go take care of it. Kardin remembers his last encounter with “Rutger” or whatever manner of beast it is. “Nono, we’ll find another way. Under no circumstance should you attempt that.”

Kardin decides he can maybe kill a couple birds with one stone and tracks down a couple of the human spirit binders that have been staying in the ziggurat on his way to the forge to talk to Rolf.

In another part of the ziggurat Reorx & Geyrok are both making their way to Lea’s room. Unbeknownst to them they’ve had some close calls in the last couple days, but this is the first time they’ve ran into each other outside Lea’s door. They each look at each other confusedly, “What are you doing here?” Reorx gives the very plausible explanation that he wanted to talk to Lea because she’d been caring for his brother. Geyrok says he knew her from before he exile and so he’s been checking in on her to make sure she’s alright.

Reorx tries to get Geyrok to leave (failed Intimidation) and instead comes very close to admitting exactly what his relationship with Lea is. Geyrok’s rather curious what exactly is going on, but he doesn’t press it for now and just knocks on Lea’s door. She doesn’t answer after a long time, so they go in to find her room ransacked and no sign of Lea anywhere. They do notice a lot of stains and what looks like broken berry skins all over the place, but they don’t know what the berries might be. There was definitely a fight and it looks like she was dragged out of the room.

Kardin managed to find a couple spirit binders on his way to the forge and asks them to follow along. When he gets to the entrance to the hearth forge he’s barred entry by the guards saying that “Our orders are to keep you & Flint out of the forge.” “I need to speak with Hrofl.” “We can’t let you in.” “Stop me.” Kardin manages to barrel past them and almost literally drag them all the way (successful Power) until he finds Hrolf.

Kardin explains to Hrolf that he knows where his tools are, but some creature named Rutger has them. Hrolf’s confused at first, “Okay, just get them, then.” Kardin tries to explain that it’s not that easy, that Rutger isn’t normal. Kardin tells the story of when Rutger attacked him and Kardin had to fight back and kill him. And then just days later there was “Rutger” walking around like nothing had changed, but when they got into a scuffle over something Rutger seemed to be supernaturally strong. Hrolf’s not sure what to make of all of that and what that has to do with anything.

Kardin consults the spirit binders to get their input. They admit that what they describe doesn’t sound like anything they know about spirits. Spirits are of the world and of nature and aren’t made to do anything like what Kardin is describing, at least not so far as they know. They say that maybe darker arts (summoning) might be more akin to what he’s describing. Kardin’s a bit let down at the lack of knowledge he has at what’s going on, but he manages to make a deal with Hrolf that he’ll get his tools back if he can be given access to the forge.


Reorx gathers his squad together. One of his squad, Sven, is missing and no one’s seen him for a while. Nobody knows where he could possibly be. Reorx wonders if it’s not somehow connected with Lea’s disappearance, hoping it’s not true.

Another dwarf, Jaegar, speaks up and says he’s learned where they are in relation to the mountains they originally came through. He said knowing that he should easily be able to find the Prince’s party, they could all leave and get back home, he says. Reorx brushes him off for now.

First thing first he feels like their group are still outsiders even though everyone’s in the same position. He decides that they should all stick together and the best thing to help that is to come up with a pool of resources that they can pull from in case any one dwarf needs assistance and that way they don’t have to rely on anyone else. There’s some balking at first, especially from Jaeger, but Reorx talks them down and eventually orders them all to throw into the pot (successful Command) without causing dissension in the ranks.

Speaking of the Prince, Reorx broaches the topic of support for the Prince without coming right out and saying exactly how he feels about the Prince, but he’s putting feelers out to get an idea of where his squad’s allegiances are. He seems pretty certain that the squad is split about half & half, pro-Prince and not.

While Reorx is dealing with his squad of dwarfs, Flint tracks down the Dwarf he had watching the dwarfs from Reorx’s squad that got left behind when they went to check out the crash. The spy confirms what Reorx just learned and he’s even able to provide a list of who’s who. Flint makes sure to make a list of the pro-Prince supporters so he can determine how to proceed. At the top of that list is Reorx’s brother, Rhaegar.

Kardin decides he needs to try and track down the Longbeard that was there when he and Halel made their oath to marry one another. He knows Grahm may still need some convincing, and if the Prince shows up, he’ll need whatever ammo he can gather to make sure he and Halel can be wed. He isn’t able to find him immediately, but he does discover that he survived the exile and should be around (successful Circles test with time not being an issue).

Aides for Grahm track down Kardin & Flint and let them know that Grahm needs to talk with them immediately.

While Kardin & Flint are making their way to Grahm, Reorx is telling his squad about the missing Lea. He says that it’s their duty to go after one of their own, so they need to organize and go search for her, with or without the help of Grahm. Jaegar provides some resistance asking, “what’s so important about Lea? What about Sven, why aren’t we mobilizing for him? I don’t care what you have going on with Lea, but she’s just one dwarf. We need to go back home to the Prince. Now that I know where we are, I can take us back to him.”

They have a bit of a stare down and Reorx pushes the issue and eventually Jaegar has the choice of going along or leaving. So Jaegar strips off his armor and weapons, dropping them at Reorx’s feet and he stalks off. Before he gets away Reorx tosses him some coins, his previous share from the pool they put together.

Choosing Sides

Flint & Kardin show up to Grahm’s quarters and find him standing with Drake, the human from the city of Morangi that Flint had met at the colossus crash site. It turns out his group had been ambushed by the Drune, under Estelle’s orders. All that survived were him and another human, who eventually succumbed to his wounds, leaving just Drake. They question him on why the Drune would have ambushed them like that. Drake seems confused and says Estelle was saying something about Drake’s men stealing the eye they’d gotten from the colossus. Drake professes to know absolutely nothing about what she’s talking about.

Drake is seeking asylum and possibly even the dwarfs’ help in getting him back to Morangi so that they can deal with the threat. Flint questions him on what they can offer. He already knows Drake’s people were much better equipped than any other humans they’ve encountered so far. Drake promises that for their help that Morgangi’s queen would be very generous. Flint also questions him on how the Drune could possibly have taken them out so easily, ambush or not. Drake says that they control dark powers and are capable of a great many things.

Grahm has Drake escorted out so that they can speak privately. Kardin vies for a more neutral position, perhaps trying to mediate between the two groups of humans so they can try to determine the truth of what happened and make a more informed decision on choosing sides if it comes to it.

Flint immediately pushes to side with the Morangi (especially because he knows his actions directly lead to this). He points out that the Morangi obviously have better resources and there’s no way they’ll be able to stay neutral in this situation, so they should agree to help Drake and get moving on getting him back to his city as quickly as possible. Kardin backs down (BL Stentorious Debate vs. Coarse Persuasion) and eventually agrees with Flint’s assessment.

Before they can start to mobilize on their decision, Rhaegar comes in (noticing Flint and giving him a wide berth) to inform Grahm about what happened to Lea. He says Reorx wants to mobilize immediately and go after them. Grahm gives the order to hold off, because their priority right now is getting Drake back to Morangi. Before Rhaegar leaves, Flint gets his attention, “Hey. Listen, about the other day? That wasn’t personal. No hard feelings. Things have been crazy lately and I don’t know what came over me. We okay?” Flint holds out his hand. Rhaegar hesitates for a moment, nods his head, and shakes Flint’s hand.

The End

After we cut we sort of realized we hadn’t given a lot of spotlight time to Geyrok. He’s still new, though, and trying to figure out his place, so hopefully he can start getting into more scenes more. We went ahead and ret-conned a quick Circles roll where he circled up a fellow brewer that he could make use of to start setting up a permanent brewery in the ziggurat. Which he succeeded on.

I don’t know how entirely purposeful it was on my part, but I didn’t push Flint’s Greed super hard this session, though he is still just a couple routine tests away. So, regardless of what happens with that dwarf that may or may not have dealt with his greed somehow in the past, Flint is almost certainly too far gone. Definitely some good stuff on the horizon: Kardin potentially trying to restrain/imprison Flint. A possible showdown on Reorx wanting to go after Lea instead of Drake. Flint’s inevitable decline into greed craziness.

The coolest part about this session was everyone really got to touch on their oath in some really great ways. Flint even managed to basically satisfy his (had to do with proving to Delana that he was a suitable husband).


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