Dwarves in Eden – Reunion and Tension

I missed this session, so I’m putting down some scattered notes from the GM just for completeness sake. A number of things are definitely coming to a head.

Copying the notes here verbatim:

Reorx patches up his dwarves then he and Geyrok decide to catch up to Flint and Kardin in Morangi.

They are uncertain of the way so travel is slow going to avoid getting lost (failed Orienteering) until The four-armed great ape and pygmy men pick up their trail at the crash site.

The dwarves decide to make a run NW to the swamps and hope to lose the pygmy pack there.

They have too much at stake to be dinner, Geyrok’s newly found brewing herbs and Reorx’s kidnapped woman. They easily outpace their pursuers. (Successful Chase w/Greed assist!)

And push on through the night to avoid camping in the swamp.

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Dwarves in Eden – Foreshadowing the End

We’re starting this session with the party still split up — Geyrok & Reorx (whose player was absent this session) in the underground complex, Kardin & Flint with Drake on the way to Morangi. The GM started out with a minor retcon for how the last session ended for Kardin & Flint. In addition to seeing something coming over the trees we also see another human running from the crash site. Drake immediately recognizes this human as Alex, who he had thought dead. The GM also came up with an idea to keep everyone involved while the party is split. For players without a PC in the current scene they can play an NPC that’s in the scene and they can use that NPC’s beliefs to earn Artha for their PC. Turned out to work pretty well and kept everyone engaged in every scene.


While standing close together in the hut looking out toward the crash site Kardin notices that Flint has been changing. His skin tone has gone to a ruddier tone and his beard and hair have been thinning considerably. Also where new hair should have been growing in was something much stiffer, definitely not hair. After studying him for a bit Kardin decides it must just be the stress (failed Dwarven Greed Wise) and he doesn’t pursue it further. Continue reading

Dwarves in Eden – Never Split the Party

A couple weeks of scheduling problems and then Origins, but we finally got back into the dwarf game, picking up right where we left off last time.

And then it took me a couple weeks to get around to sorting out my notes and getting this AP up. Here goes!

Fighting the Wilderness

Everyone’s immediate concern are the two dwarves currently sinking into the quicksand they fell into. Kardin immediately climbs up a tree to cut down some vines to try to rope in the sinking dwarves. Unfortunately there’s more to the vines than there appears immediately. The vines come to life and begin trying to wrap Kardin up, but he manages to escape and cut some down (successful Power) with some of the vine cut off.

At this vines all over the forest “wake” and begin snaking down menacing everyone in the area. A number of Reorx’s scouts begin fighting them off while Kardin & Flint work at forming the vine into loops that the sinking dwarves can grab onto. Before they finish Flint notices that one of the dwarves is one of Reorx’s squad that has pro-Prince leanings. Knowing this he surreptitiously sabotages the vine (cutting it all the way through) so that before the dwarf can be  pulled to the edge of the quiksand he sinks to his death (successful Stealthy). No one notices Flint being the cause of the “accident” and the lost dwarf is mourned while the other is saved.

Kardin starts a fire hoping to use it to scare off the vines (successful Firebuilding) and after Flint and some other dwarfs swinging burning brands around the vines calm down for the night.

The dwarfs settle in for the night while a number of dwarfs take turns during the night to cut down a large tree to use as a bridge to go across the quicksand. Continue reading