Dwarves in Eden – Reunion and Tension

I missed this session, so I’m putting down some scattered notes from the GM just for completeness sake. A number of things are definitely coming to a head.

Copying the notes here verbatim:

Reorx patches up his dwarves then he and Geyrok decide to catch up to Flint and Kardin in Morangi.

They are uncertain of the way so travel is slow going to avoid getting lost (failed Orienteering) until The four-armed great ape and pygmy men pick up their trail at the crash site.

The dwarves decide to make a run NW to the swamps and hope to lose the pygmy pack there.

They have too much at stake to be dinner, Geyrok’s newly found brewing herbs and Reorx’s kidnapped woman. They easily outpace their pursuers. (Successful Chase w/Greed assist!)

And push on through the night to avoid camping in the swamp.

Kardin and Flint have supper outdoors with the Morangi Priest Brenna, along with Drake and Alex. They cover the raiding drune, injuries and Drake’s ambush. Then Kardin creates an awkward moment as he brings up the great ape. Drake quickly covers Kardin’s mouth to prevent him from saying anything further. Alex immediately begins prostrations.

“We never name it here, the aberration. Never behind those gates.” Kardin and Drake strike a deal. Drake for his part will fill Kardin in on the Ape when he escorts him back home.

Tareek is Kardin’s & Flint’s servant while they’re guests. Tareek’s village had been annexed into the Morangi territories and the people now are mostly laborers and servants.

When Kardin asks Drake about this Drake is confused. ‘Is Tareek unhappy?’ He asks. Kardin quickly drops the issue.
Reorx and Geyrok and Co. take a timeout on the banks of the river before crossing. They see the Morangi guard tower from their side and begin looking for a way to cross. (Success Per) The dwarves anchor and secure themselves before making the attempt (successful Agi).

They pass by the tower making for the marked path to Morangi…and narrowly avoid a Drune ambush from the tower.(success Observ vs Stealth by 1) Reorx is dissuaded from a parley and the dwarves again take flight but the Drune taste blood. Two of Reorx’s men fire off crossbows killing a Drune, the Drune return fire while they flank the dwarves. The dwarves waste no time putting distance between them and the Drune heading to the Morangi city (R&C Dwarves FTW).
Kardin has an audience with Morangi’s minister-priests (4). Havis, an older woman, seems to lead. Brenna and another woman presumably Chariss, watch the proceeding from a distance. Guards are posted a bit further out.No one else is in the amphi-theather.

Some serious Q&A about trade, goods, intent occurs. Then Kardin makes his case for allying with the dwarves. Highlighting that with dwarven arms the drune and others may be made servants (implied like Tareek’s people). The ministers make a conservative offer to begin alliance talks (failed persuade) Tareek gets word of Kardin’s “make them all serve us!” comment and is sadden by Kardin’s new position.
Shenanigans ensue when Reorx, Geyrok & Co. arrive in Morangi. After intros and catching up they take in the locals in the merchant’s quarters of Morangi. Geyrok bargains with Lazarus an Inn keep about mixing up a batch of brew(Successful Haggling). Sadly Geyrok’s batch turns out short of Noble Brew quality (Failed Brewing) it also takes longer than expected which gets the ire of the inn keep when his main brewer shows up in the midst of this process. After the dust settles, they inspect the initial brew… and they LOVE the stuff,even though it’s bad. (Successful Vs. Beer Appraisal) .
Enroute home Kardin and Reorx trade notes about Flint and Balarkara(The female dwarf from the ruins) and conclude Flint is in the early stages of whatever happened to Balarkara.

Back at the Ziggurat, to help Geyrok out Kardin calls on his contacts to find a farmer who can help grow Geyrok’s herbs. They find a dwarf…but Rutger wants a word with Kardin ASAP! (Failed circles).

Geyrok gets seed money from Kardin and Reorx and sets up his brewing operation!

Reorx and Kardin update/lie to Grahm about events, reordering the sequence and leaving out whole chunks of details. Reorx keeps bringing up Lea who’s missing and makes a point to describe the kidnapper to Grahm as told by Balarkara. Annoyed, Grahm comes right out and asks Reorx about his position with the prince.

Kardin confronts Helil about Lea and what he’s learned about who took her.

“I know it was you.” he tells her.

Helil is dumbfounded, and panics because she thinks he’s losing his grip…like Flint and Delana!

Shawn goes for his dice then smacks himself!

“Fucking Rutger!!!”


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