Dungeon Roll

So, back in March, more-or-less on a whim, I decided to back this Kickstarter for Dungeon Roll. It looked like a pretty clever push-your-luck dice rolling game and it was only $15 for a physical copy of the game. Not a bad deal. Not to mention, what gamer doesn’t want a little treasure chest with dice and other bits in it? Hard to pass up!

Anyhow, my copy finally arrived a week or so ago and since I was a Kickstarter backer I go the nifty, exclusive Mimic treasure chest packaging. Scanned through the rules once, but hadn’t had a chance to break it out until last night.

The overall design of the game & pieces are all pretty nice. There’s two sets of dice: party dice & dungeon dice (6 sides each). The party dice sides are: fighter, thief, mage, cleric, champion, scroll. Dungeon dice have: goblin, ooze, skeleton, treasure, potion, dragon. Continue reading


The Walking Eye Con Breakdown

This past weekend was The Walking Eye Con in Des Moines, hosted by my friends over at The Walking Eye podcast. I had a great time — hung out with friends, met new people, and played games.

I got to play some new games, some games I’d never heard of, some games I’d been wanting to play and some games I always enjoy playing.

Now for the breakdown! Continue reading

Tales of the Arabian Nights

The GM for my regular Burning Wheel game wasn’t able to make it the last couple weeks. Usually those of us that can still make it will play a board game or card game or sometimes a one-shot of some RPG. So, last week one of the guys in the group brought a board game I’d never seen or hard of: Tales of the Arabian Nights. The box was pretty and just seeing the artwork made me want to play it.

Check it out:

See? I had no idea what was in the box or what the game was about (storytelling boardgame? what’s that even mean?), but having that box in front of me, I absolutely wanted to crack it open and check it out. Continue reading