Origins 2015 Debrief

And so my giant Origins 2015 debrief. For whatever reason it’s been tough to find the time to just sit down and type all this up, so it’s almost 2 weeks late. Needless to say, I had a pretty amazing time. Much like last year I spent all my time around Games on Demand, except this year I was able to run a couple games, which was pretty great.

I got in Wednesday afternoon and took some time to get my badge and get settled in. Mostly just killed time in preparation for ALL THE GAMING I WAS ABOUT TO DO. Continue reading


RPG Catch-Up, Part 5

Getting behind on my reading/posting with life/work being busy lately. Only three games to talk about this time. I finished reading them a couple weeks ago, but only just now getting around to finishing the write-up. Hopefully things start calming down so I can get back to more regular reading.

Hell 4 Leather, by Sebastian Hickey

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for unique mechanics in games, especially when there’s a really physical part of them (like, say, the tower in Dread). Well, Hell 4 Leather also has a tower, but not of Jenga blocks. More on that in a moment.

The default premise is a futuristic world with a reality-show on steroids. The players are contestants and they have to flee across the globe and probably create a lot of destruction along the way. And, of course, there’s no safehouses as the same public that is watching you is the same public that can turn you in for a prize. Continue reading