Origins 2014 Recap

I went to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio for the first time this year. I primarily went for Games on Demand and that’s where I ended up spending the majority of my time. I left the room pretty much only for food, bathroom breaks, & sleep. I barely even saw the vendor hall. I went in with the intention of walking around a bit, but got distracted by a board game demo right as I walked in and then the hall closed and I didn’t get a chance to go back.

Anyhow! Of course, what I really want to talk about is PLAYING ALL THE GAMES. All told, I played a total of 11 games. Two of which I’d played before: The Climb & Spark, though when I played Spark previously it was in a pretty¬†early beta stage. Continue reading


GenCon 2011 Debrief, Part 5 (Games Played, cont.)

Finishing off the games I played this year are a couple games in a playtest phase: The Dungeon Job, and Spark.

The Dungeon Job

The Dungeon Job is a hack of Leverage being done by the Chatty DM.

Prior to sitting down I’d never heard of Leverage. I had absolutely no expectations. And sometimes that creates some of the best gaming! Just go in willing to have a good time.

The underlying system both games used are Cortex. Bear with me as I do most of this from memory from a game that I played 6 days ago. Luckily my brain tends to absorb game rules, so I should have the big picture stuff pretty accurate. Continue reading